Interest List for CRM® Basic Training, metrowest

CRM® Basic Training will provide you with the powerful interventions you need to work with all presentations immediately and effectively, including your most fragile populations.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the development and enhancement of internal resources can be used in and of themselves for “brain re-wiring” as well as for a physiological anchor from which to process trauma.
  • Summarize the components and mechanisms of resourcing that allow for healing without re-traumatization. Observe demonstration of “nested” resources that can be used in clinical practice.
  • Integrate the knowledge and practice of “nested” or “stacked” resources concurrently or sequentially within trauma processing through lecture, demonstrations, and practicums.


Elisa Elkin-Cleary, LICSW and Heather Hart-Kennedy, LICSW

Trainers, CRM®

Location of Training:

Metrowest Boston, MA

Date: TBD

Currency: US dollars
This 5-day training is a pre-requisite for all other CRM® training levels.
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CRM® Trainings are intended exclusively for professionals who are trained, licensed mental health professionals (i.e. counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, Community Psychiatric Nurses, etc.). By registering for the training, you confirm that you meet this legal standard.

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